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Our mission

A global, connected workforce

ten80 is on a mission to empower the world's largest businesses to build teams of talent from around the globe.

Our platform is already used by forward thinking companies in the Pharmaceutical, Aerospace & Defence, Professional Services and many other industries.

Will you be the next to join the revolution?

A marketplace for outcomes not time

Clients see the added value of paying for outcomes instead of time.

Access to a global on tap workforce means paying for contractors only when needed.

So far businesses building teams of experts through ten80 have saved an average of 42% on their annual contractor costs.

A rapidly growing, tech disruptor

Within months of ten80's launch the platform was in regular use by many of the world's biggest and best companies.

ten80 completed it's first funding round successfully in early 2020, further accelerating it's growth.

Transforming the way the world works

Our unique platform has already transformed performance for global businesses and for the world's contractors.

Businesses save time and money with teams of experts on demand, whilst contractors benefit from selling services directly and working from anywhere.

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“Enabling the world's largest companies to build teams of experts from around the globe.”

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